Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christian Strixner 2/2 7'6" #3

Rod: Christian Strixner
Model: Custom Built
Maker: German Master Bamboo Rod Maker Christian Strixner
Owner: Teo Yong Zhi
Length: 7' 6"
Line Weight: #3 weight
Sections: 2 Piece 2 Tip
Reel Seat: Red Wood
Handle: Cigar Shaped with Handle Caps
Metal: Blued Nickel Silver
Guides: Snake & Tip Top
Stripping Guide: Agate Stripper
Wraps: Burgundy Red Tipping on Transparent Wraps
Beautiful rod and excellent worksmanship.
Indeed a Master Bamboo Rod Builder.

Here’s the website, take a closer look at more beautiful Strixner Rods.

Christian Strixner Bamboo Rod

(Click on the pictures for more.)


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