Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MV Brooks - 2/2 7'6" #4wt

Rod: MV Brooks - Not Available
Model: Permacane 043010
Maker: America Bamboo Rod Maker Mike Brooks
Length: 7'6"
Line Weight: #4 weight
Sections: 2 Piece 2 Tip
Weight: 3.6 oz
Taper: Payne 100
Action: Medium to Medium Fast
Reel Seat: Walnut Burl
Handle: Cigar Shaped – 3 Coloured Hardwood
Metal: Nickel Silver
Guides: Bronze Snake & Tip Top
Stripping Guide: Bronze-Housed Amber Agate Stripper
Wraps: Java Silk with Light Brown Tipping
After reading a lot of of recommendations from Clark’s Classic Flyrod Forum,

and on CY's advice I bought this rod from Jim Bresco of Coldwater Collections.
These comments are taken from Coldwater Collection Site from which this rod was purchased:
MV Brooks Payne 100 – 7.5’ – 2/2 – 3.6 oz – 4wtThose in the know widely regard Mike’s Payne 100 as his best taper. This tastefully done rendition features Mike’s own Permacane impregnated shafts buffed to a fine luster and wrapped in java silks tipped light brown. Matched tips, 3 x 3 spiral nodes, and high quality furnishings including a bronze-housed amber agate stripper, bronze snakes and & tip tops. Smooth and tight fitting oxidized N/S ferrules give a resounding ‘pop’ when separated. The female ferrule is fitted with a replica Payne ferrule plug. Comfortable custom-made grip is with Purple Heart, Red Heart, and Yellow Heart hardwood accent rings at the nose and a mortised walnut burl seat fitted with oxidized N/S D/L'ing cap and ring hardware compliment the rod beautifully. Oxidized N/S WC. Folding ring HK. Comes with Mike’s standard sturdy green bag with two sets of dual ties and a brass capped green wrinkle-finish aluminum tube. This smooth casting wand has a brisk medium to medium-fast action and throws tight loops with precision and exhibits virtually no line bounce whatsoever. I really enjoyed casting it with a Cortland Peach 444 WF-4 and DT-4. Mike is a talented rod maker and accomplished fly tier who tied flies for the H.L. Leonard Rod Company from the late 1960’s to the mid 1970’s and has won a number of International fly tying contests. His flies grace museums all over the world. His rods may soon follow.

Mike Brooks Bamboo Rod

10th July 2010.

Took the Brooks out and nyukoned it with a few temensis. The biggest was close to 2 pounds.

This rod cast a #4 weight line like butter. Can throw the line 50 feet with ease. No wonder it was recommended by so many fly fishermen in the Clark's Classic Flyrod Forum and strongly recommended by CY.

(Click on the pictures for more.)

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