Sunday, June 20, 2010

John Brough - 2/1 7'6" #4

Rod: Brough Hand Made

Maker: British Bamboo Rod Maker John Brough

Model: "Fairy"

Serial Number:

Length: 7' 6"

Line Weight: #4 weight

Sections: 2 Piece 1 Tip

Reel Seat: Wood

Handle: Cigar - Cork Grip

Ferrule: Nickel Silver

Wraps: Translucent With Olive Green Tippings

Taper: Modified Garrison Taper



Piece of fantastic work of Art.

Very smooth casting and power to spare.

Caught a peacock bass at the Pandan Reservoir.

PUB invited GARS to do a fishing trail before the Official Opening of the Fishing Jetty on the 25th July 2010

John Brough Bamboo Rod

11th July 2010

Brought the Brough rod to try out the casting.

First, I put a #4 weight, WF line on it. Casted ok, but the feel wasn't what I would have liked.

Changed to a reel with a #4 DT line on and tried again. The feel was much more better. I could cast further with ease. A very smooth feeling.

Caught several temensis peacock basses.

The biggest was 1.5 pounds on the boga grip.

This one was caught at MacRitchie.

Caught this temensis on 26th December 2010 at BKE.

Look at the size compare with the little Fairy.

Patrick took this picture for me. I think it is a much better picture.

(Click on the pictures for more.)


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