Saturday, June 19, 2010

LJ Downes - 2/2 7'6" #4

Rod: LJ Downes Rod

Maker: America Bamboo Rod Maker LJ Downes

Model: 7612

Serial Number:

Length: 7'6"

Line Weight: #4 weight

Sections: 2 Piece 2 Tip



Reel Seat: Bellinger - Wood

Handle: Cigar Shaped - Cork

Ferrule: Nickel Silver

Guides: Snake Brand

Stripping Guide: Agate Stripping Guide

Wraps: Silk Threads. Translucent with black tippings


Very beautiful transparent wraps.

LJ Downes Bamboo Rod

I wonder if it could be the weather or the rod has not been used for a long time.

The first time I use it, the reel seat cap came off while I was trying to secure the reel to the reel seat.

After fishing, the ferrule got stuck. I took out the rubber mat and followed all instruction in the book to separate the ferrules. The ferrule separated from the blank instead.

Poor glue work or weather?

My email to ask them what silk and varnish was unanswered. I could do the repairs myself but think I better get Uncle Wong to do it for me. He's a pro now.

I clean up the ferrule and send the rod to Uncle Wong for repairs.

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