Saturday, June 26, 2010

Para-Miyuki - 2/2 7'6" #3

Rod: Miyuki rod

Maker: Master Bamboo Rod Maker Yukihito Okawa san.

Model: Para-Miyuki 9033

Serial Number:

Owner's Markings: "Teo Yong Le"

Length: 7' 6"

Line Weight: #3 weight

Sections: 2 Piece 2 Tips

Taper: Para-Miyuki

Action: Soft- Medium

Reel Seat: Amboyna Burl

Handle: Cigar Shaped - Amboyna Burl

Ferrule: Phosphor Bronze

Guides: Pacific Bay TiCH Double Foot

Stripping Guide: 24k Plated White Jade Guide

Wraps: Gossamers Silk Thread Antique Gold


A soft rod that make a small peacock bass feel like a big toman.

Para Miyuki Bamboo Rod

The Para-Miyuki was Nyukoned by this Peacock Bass.

The left over from the reel seat and handle is used to make this beautiful and cute little thing to hold the ferrule plug.

The Para-Miyuki is bought for my youngest son Teo Yong Le, now 7 years old.

He will use it when he is old enough and has learn how to fly fish.

This is a 24k Gold White Jade Stripping Guide.

Yukihito Okawa san is really a Master Bamboo Rod Maker and he'll really put on all the best components for his creation. This rod not only is a fishing rod. It is an excellent Piece of Art by a master craftman. Salutes to Yukihito san.
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