Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chris McDowell - 2/1 7'6" #4

Rod: McDowell

Maker: American Bamboo Rod Maker Chris McDowell

Model: 2004-15

Serial Number:

Owner's Markings: "Teo Kah Seng"

Length: 7' 6"

Line Weight: #4 weight

Sections: 2 Piece 1 Tips

Taper: Modified Garrison Taper

Action: Medium-Fast

Reel Seat: Wood

Handle: Cigar Shaped - Cork

Ferrule: Nickel Silver


Stripping Guide:

Wraps: Brown Silk


This is the First Bamboo rod that I owned.

CY Kuan and I got it from Tenku few years ago.

Since then there's no looking back and CY had gone on to acquire a whole collection of bamboo rods from many reknown bamboo rod makers.

Me, I managed to re-built 2 bamboo rods on my own using an old 3 section rods I got from eBay. Then poisoned Uncle Wong that he is now making rods on his own.

The rest is what they say - History, when the LeoRod was created.I have caught many fishes with this McDowell, and it was my favourite rod.

It still is one of my favourite rods and I still use it more often than the other rods.

Chris McDowell Bamboo Rod

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