Friday, June 18, 2010

AJ Thramer = 3/2 8'0" #4

Rod: Thramer Bamboo Rod

Maker: AJ Thramer

Model: #Y3 Hollow Built

Serial Number:

Length: 8' 0"

Line Weight: #4 weight

Sections: 3 Piece 2 Tips

Taper: Modified Garrison Taper

Action: Medium-Fast

Reel Seat: Cork

Handle: Cigar Shaped - Cork

Ferrule: Nickel Silver


Stripping Guide: Agate Stripping Guide

Wraps: Maron Silk Thread


This is the second bamboo rod I acquired from the USA.
I was very impressed with the McDowell.
The guys told me that Chris McDowell learned to make bamboo rods from AJ Thramer, and that AJ's rods are even better than Chris. So I asked Ron to get me this AJ Thramer hollow built and I was not disappointed with it.

AJ Thramer Bamboo Rod

(Click on the pictures for more.)


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